Deli Since 1980 


Serving the Most Flavorful Recipes



A New Start


Now this 2020, we are giving a new change with our new logo and with modern renovations to make your visit comfortable. We hope that these renovations make your visit more pleasant. All these renovations are to show the love we have towards all our visitors and customers, so we can make your visit unique.

Our Flavor


We believe that the most delicious dishes are prepared with love. Our products are organic from local companies around our small town. Our recipes and sides are prepared fresh every day, and our salads are prepared fresh daily. And yes, it’s a lot of hard work. But for us, that’s important. Those extra steps ensure that every bite is as wholesome and as flavorful as the last. And this is how we show our love for visiting us.

Family Matters


As a family-owned business, we truly believe that family values are essential to our growth and success. Our owner, Carlos F. Ramirez, and his family are together to make the deli feel like your home. You can find them working every day of the week waiting for you to taste their recipes. We have made the community a little more flavorful. 

A Dream


Our owner, Carlos F. Ramirez, started as an employee in 2005 and became the owner in 2013. Since he was a child, he dreamed of opening his restaurant and taking out his recipes in plain sight. Now he made his dream come true by being the owner of Tomales Deli & Cafe, surprising his visitors with his recipes.